Shroud of Turin’s Bloodstains Special: An Interview with Shroud Scientist Dr. Kelly Kearse



Enjoy the Podcast:

Anchor Audio Link =–Interview-Assessing-the-Shrouds-Bloodstains-with-Shroud-Agnostic-Dr–Kelly-Kearse-e49a4f .

Note that due to a technical glitch around the 1 hour 20 min mark or thereabouts- 40 seconds of audio was lost- my apologies to Kelly and the audience for that.

In this special interview, Shroud expert and scientist Kelly Kearse has reached out to me to say that he’d like to provide a unique perspective on the Shroud’s bloodstain images specifically. He has authored multiple academic papers on the Shroud’s blood images (some of which are included in the sources section below).  Kelly is also a member of STERA, Inc.’s Board of Directors.
In his own words, here is what Kelly tells us what to look forward to in today’s interview; “Hi, I’ve listened to several of your podcasts on the Shroud of Turin and enjoyed the episodes. I am neither an authenticist or a skeptic, but believe I could contribute a unique viewpoint to questions related to the bloodstains on the Shroud. I consider myself a Christian who happens to be a scientist and a scientist who happens to be a Christian. My own personal belief concerning the authenticity of the Shroud is I simply do not know”.
What conclusions can we glean from the Shroud’s bloodstains; is it real blood? What are their features and properties? What significance do they have in terms of natural image formation mechanisms and its possible link to the historical Jesus? All this and more is answered by this honoured guest 😊

Note for Kelly’s own bio see immediately below:
Biographical Information

Kelly P. Kearse holds a BS and MS in Biology and a Ph.D. in Immunology. Following completion of postdoctoral fellowships at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Biochemistry and the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health in Immunology, he became a Principal Investigator in the Experimental Immunology Branch at the National Institutes of Health. After several years, he transferred to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at East Carolina University School of Medicine to have the opportunity to do both research and teaching. He has authored over forty peer-reviewed research articles in the fields of cell biology and immunology in such journals as the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and the Journal of Experimental Medicine; and was the Editor in Chief of T Cell Protocols, Development and Activation. In 2000, he semi-retired from laboratory research to relocate to his original hometown and teach high school science, something that he had always wanted to do. He has been a science instructor at Knoxville Catholic High School, in Knoxville, TN for the past twenty years

Recommended Sources (for further study):

First here is the attached list of interview questions = KELLY KEARSE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS


a) Kelly Kearse has provided a full list of his own recommended academic articles and sources;

b) Kelly Kearse presented a paper and presentation on the Blood at the 2014 St. Louis Conference:

See the paper here = . The PowerPoint presentation (118 slides) = . Also, a short 30 min YouTube video of the presentation can be seen here = .

c) Other Sources Referenced:

Here is the 38 page paper by pro-Shroud proponents Mark Antonacci and Arthur Lind, it details their supernatural hypothesis to explain the formation or rather transference of the Shroud’s bloodstain images from Jesus’ body to the Shroud during the Resurrection and details a series of scientific experimental research in Part 2 (starts on p.15 of the article) they did to test and falsify the natural theories of panting the Shroud bloodstains with blood and also the Direct Contact hypothesis where its transferred via direct contact between a bloodied body and the cloth. See here = .

Also see the skeptical Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) experimental research that was done in 2018 and supposedly “proved” the Shroud’s bloodstains are an artistic fake here =’articolo%20apparso%20sul%20JFS%20(concessione%20di%20Matteo%20Borrini)

Counter (Pro-Shroud) sources responding to the flawed approach of the new BPA results = (4 pages), Mark Antonacci’s counter article (5 pages) here = and/or,

2 short 10 min YouTube videos on it here = (Part 1 video) and Part 2 here = .

Former Pro-Shroud expert and guest Bob Rucker has written a counter to the BPA experiments here =–Rev-0.pdf?lbisphpreq=1 (25 pages).  Or if the link doesn’t work see attachment here = ROB RUCKER- Evaluation-of-A-BPA-Approach-to-the-Shroud-of-Turin–Rev-0- BLOOD FAKE BY LGUIGI GARLASCHELLI

The scientific peer-reviewed papers by Drs. Heller and Adler proving there is real blood on the Shroud here = and .

Vern Millers 1978 (STURP) website with photos of the Shroud that Kelly mentioned during the show here = .

Finally, Kelly talked about John Jackson’s article about some of the bloodstains being comparable to body images rather than actual bloodstains, called “Blood and Possible Images of Blood on the Shroud, see here = JOHN JACKSON- Blood & Possible Images of Blood on Shroud Jackson 1987 OCR.


2 thoughts on “Shroud of Turin’s Bloodstains Special: An Interview with Shroud Scientist Dr. Kelly Kearse

  1. Just wanted to post a comment I retrieved from one of our thoughtful Shroud skeptics about Kelly Kearse and what he made of the show;

    Here is what Jim said about the show;

    “Thank you for the posting.

    One doesn’t have to get down to the molecular level of N-acetyl-galactosylamino-transferases (leading to blood group A) vs
    galactosylamino-transferases (leading to blood group B), 🙂 🙂 :), to appreciate Kearse’s unbiased approach to the blood stain studies. Dr. Kearse offers an unbiased view wrt how far you can go with the available evidence without going the extra step that includes a wish for something to be true.

    For me, the interest in the Shroud topic has primarily been on how to draw the line between what can be said with confidence and presupposition-based assessment (in this, or any other artifact from antiquity). I don’t discourage the latter, but imo, it’s good to recognize/acknowledge when the line is crossed. In this regard, Kearse provides a dose of reality, so ty again for posting the interview.”


  2. I noticed that some on here have tried to click onto Bob Rucker’s 25 page article on the BPA study but the link is now defunct, I have added in the direct attachment so you can get it that way.

    If any of you notice that one of my links isn’t working just let me know and I can fix up the link or put in the diret attachment instead.

    Thanks everyone and sorry for the inconvenience there, it seems to happen that Bob Rucker’s links don’t work at times I find and thus you got to go to his website and go to the research tab and/or directly attach his articles.



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