Jesus Mythicism Debated- Dale Glover (Pro-Historicist Side) vs. Kevin Francis (Mythicist side) on Robert Stanley’s Right to Reason Podcast



Enjoy the show;

Anchor Audio Link =–Jesus-Mythicism-Debated–Dale-vs–Mythicist-Kevin-Francis-on-R2R-e50pqh .

Or Check out Robert’s more polished and edited versions;


Source:… Kevin Francis from “Left At The Valley” and Dale Glover from “Skeptics and Seekers” answer the question: Did Jesus Christ really exist? Find Kevin’s podcast @ Find Dale’s podcast @ https://skepticsandseekers.wordpress…. Support this broadcast @ And learn more @

Alright guys, it’s the event all you Jesus Mythers and Jesus Historicists have been waiting for! Robert Stanley from the Right to Reason podcast hosts Christian apologist Dale Glover going head to head with Mythicist Kevin Francis from the “Left At The Valley” podcast to discuss whether an historical Jesus existed.
Dropping the hype, I genuinely thought it was a great discussion and very cordial on all sides, a true display of what it means to seek after truth via honest debate while showing respect for each other’s positions.

Recommended Sources (for further study):


a) Robert Stanley (Moderator)– Right to Reason Podcast- main website = .
Or download his audio podcasts on Podbean here = and/or see his YouTube channel here = .

Note there is a special episode of R2R where Kevin Francis starred in (and was mentioned on the show) discussing sexual assault and the David Silverman allegations, see the audio here = and/or YouTube video here = .


b) Kevin Francis (Mythicist Side)– Left at the Valley Podcast- main website = .  Or download his past audio episodes here = and/or see His YouTube channel here = .


Note there is a special episode with Robert Stanley guest starring, speaking on Philosophy 101 here = .

4 thoughts on “Jesus Mythicism Debated- Dale Glover (Pro-Historicist Side) vs. Kevin Francis (Mythicist side) on Robert Stanley’s Right to Reason Podcast

  1. Andrew Willardson August 20, 2019 — 12:44 am

    hey Dale, I’m probably 60% mythicist but I gotta you did pretty well. They didn’t really seem to track a lot of the arguments and were all around less than polite. well done!

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    1. Hey Andrew,

      Wow thank you very much, that means a lot to me actually, especially given that you lean in the Mythicist direction 🙂

      Yeah, some of their arguments weren’t the most convincing to my mind (the lack of physical description or no mementos, etc. type deal- certainly Bob Price or Carrier don’t make those kinds of arguments and so I was more prepared to deal with more common objections).

      I’m sorry if you found them not to be polite, again I’m not the best at judging this kind of thing, but for what its worth, I didn’t notice or feel that way on my end.

      But yeah, I’m glad you appreciated my take there (even if you disagree overall), I did a lot of research for the show and actually had about 400+ pages of notes made up in prep for the show- so I put a lot into it and nice to know you got something out of it- makes it all worthwhile on my end 🙂


  2. Just listened the other day. Well done. You do way too much research!! 😉 Guess you enjoy it. They seemed suprised by your Shroud take. Maybe they’ll have you back for that?

    BTW, have you gone mad dog, you’ve deleted everything on the U boards? Not cool.

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    1. Hey Sarah,

      Thanks, I’m glad you got something out of it. Are you a Mythicist yourself or not, just wondering if anything in my shows on Mythicism was helpful to you or if you already think there was areal Jesus so be it. As to the Shroud yeah that would be great, maybe sometime as I think his audience will be really surprised to know all the plausible evidence in favour of it. I believe I’m doing quite well with my evangelism ministry here.

      I’m currently working on a solo Podcast on the Leibnizian Cosmological argument for God’s Existence- you may find that helpful as I’ve really put a lot into organizing it in a way that people can take in step by step and follow along even if they don’t understand all the big words or concepts. I’m told by people that I’ve gotten better at teaching in those. I will also be including my chapter write up on it for people to read on their own if they prefer that to listening to a 4-hour Podcast.


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